Turrentine Jones – Exclusive Interview – with Thomas Scotson (Hammond organ)

Turrentine Jones
Photo L-R: Thomas Scotson, Chris Carcamo, Jude Neville. Hammond organ player Thomas Scotson took some time out to answer a few questions for this BandWeblogs.com exclusive interview.

Turrentine Jones
Photo L-R: Thomas Scotson, Chris Carcamo, Jude Neville

Turrentine Jones┬ájust released their latest single, “Slam The Door”. Formed in Manchester, England, the post blues band consists of songwriter Jude Neville (vocals and guitar), Thomas Scotson (Hammond organ) and Chris Carcamo (drums).

Hammond organ player Thomas Scotson took some time out to answer a few questions for this BandWeblogs.com exclusive interview.

Jenny May: When and why did you start playing the keyboards?

Thomas Scotson: When I was sixteen I suddenly had the urge to start playing things, we had a piano at home so I started bashing that amongst other instruments I could pick up for cheap (I mean cheap as in tin whistles, harmonicas etc). ‘Funny’ enough I lost a finger at woodwork within 5 months of starting to play stuff which was a bit annoying. I never played the piano properly and mainly used it as a writing tool until fairly recently. I made a bit of a switch to the Hammond when I joined Turrentine Jones but it wasn’t exactly a begrudging move as most of the music I’ve ever listened to has a Hammond in it. I’ve been a massive fan of the instrument ever since I knew what one was.

Do you play other instruments?

The trumpet.

How long have you been playing in bands?

Since college. I went to a music college in Finland and discovered that I can get credits for joining all these various college bands, and if I got enough credits I could skip French and still graduate. Needless to say that French is not one of the languages I speak…

What other bands have you played with before Turrentine Jones?

I think the only band that’s had an actual name is Turrentine Jones! I’ve been in and left numerous bands though as they were all pretty shit. From college I went onto study music composition in uni so I’ve played in all sorts of symphony orchestras, latin bands and big bands on top of the ‘more usual’ set ups.

Who came up with the band name?

I think it was Jude who’s our singer-songwriter and guitarist. The ‘band’ (Chris and Jude combo) was called that before I joined.

Why the name “Turrentine Jones”?

Stuff to do with Stanley Turrentine the past great jazzer. The name “Jones” should help us break into the Welsh market.

Turrentine Jones – Slam the Door (Official Video):

Where was your “Slam The Door” video filmed? Are the dancers friends or “extras”?

It was all filmed in Manchester. The dancey scenes were done at Odder Oxford Road. The darkish room with Jude’s solo part was filmed upstairs of Trof, we had to sneak in as the room was closed – we’re bad asses! Pick ups were mainly filmed around Northern Quarter. We had a few extras dancing but most of the people at the shoot were mates and fans which made it even more special.

How did it come about that you were invited to play your track “Slam The Door” on Jack Whitehall’s Channel 4 show “Hit the Road Jack”?

The production company had been in touch with a couple of people involved in the Manchester music scene asking if they could recommend bands for the show. We happened to know both of these people and both of them had recommended us independently!

What was it like, playing on the show? Did you have fun?

I remember it being pretty hot and having an unusually high number of cameras in my face. Somehow I had properly ripped my shirt and only noticed it during the filming so instead of having loads of fun I concentrated on worrying whether I was getting away with wearing a ripped shirt or not. Meeting Chico (Yousseph Slimani) however was pretty funny. He was a really nice guy and I was surprised to find out what a well grounded person he actually was.

Turrentine Jones’ singer Jude Neville is Australian. Do you notice the cultural differences with the band dynamic?

The main cultural differences are the floppy hair and white teeth.

Any examples?

It blows in the wind and they shine under the sun. He’s also so laid back that he sometimes falls over.

Will the band be playing festivals this summer?

Yes, just finalising some details. All dates will be added to turrentinejones.co.uk as soon as they’re sorted.

Do you (or does the band) have a favourite place to play? Club or festival…?

I don’t think we’ve got a favourite place to play as such, it all depends on the crowd and how they take to you on the night.

What else do you enjoy doing when not playing music?

I like both bicycles and women from the 1980’s. All my bikes get nicked and, well… lets just say that I haven’t got enough time for all my hobbies.

Who are five bands/artists/or songs that you would recommend to someone looking for something new to listen to?

Not sure about new as I’m more into old soul and funk stuff. I’d rather spend my lifetime listening to every single song from 1971 than get stuck into the current scene. I’m really ignorant about new music but I do like stuff like The Black Keys, Tv on the radio, Battles… but yeah, I suppose none of that’s exactly new or new to many people either. If I had to pick a favourite band I think I’d have to say “The Meters”. All three of us seem to prefer the old to anything that’s happening right now, that’s just the way we roll.

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