Turrentine Jones Release "Slam The Door" [Watch Video]

Turrentine Jones

Turrentine Jones (pronounced "Turren-teen Jones") are a British post blues band which was formed in Manchester, United Kingdom in 2010. The group consists of songwriter Jude Neville (vocals and guitar), Thomas Scotson (Hammond Organ) and Chris Carcamo (drums).

After self-releasing several demos within the Manchester music scene, Turrentine Jones began developing favourable reviews; one journalist describing their music as "Animalistic, thrilling and utterly unconfined". Their success in drawing the attention of the public continued with a stand-out performance at Manchester's music festival We Can Do What We Want Forever with another front-row journalist describing the trio as "Riveting" and "Incredibly unique".

Turrentine Jones have used a low-fidelity, do-it-yourself approach to writing and recording. Their music features a melding of rock and blues influences and a raw, honest simplicity of composition, arrangement, and performance. 4Q music enthusiast George Rabbeth described their music with "Starry harmonies and rusted guitar work", also detailing Neville's distinctive vocals as "Effortless, clean and enigmatic".

In September 2011, Turrentine Jones were invited by Channel 4 to perform their leading single Slam the Door, as part of a new British television series entitled 'Hit the Road Jack' starring Jack Whitehall and Yousseph "Chico" Slimani.

Turrentine Jones - Slam the Door Official Video:

Turrentine Jones was formed by Australian singer-songwriter Jude Neville (real name Julian Neville McClung) after "escaping the scene" in Canberra with his previous band (under his own name) which had subsequently toured with several artists including David Knopfler of Dire Straits and Colin Hay of Men at Work, respectably.

In early 2009 upon moving over, Neville had a chance meeting with Chris at a local Manchester restaurant who had recently split from his previous band The Children (as they went on to form Twisted Wheel and sign with Columbia records). In the beginning the two were rehearsing as a two-piece while auditioning for bass players but it proved problematic. After rehearsing with friends, two of which were keyboard players, Thomas Scotson joined the group in the summer of 2010 and helped shape the band's distinctive Hammond organ driven sound.

The band's first performance as Turrentine Jones was on 9 July 2010 to a full-house at the North London Tavern in Kilburn, London. By the end of 2010, they had begun taking on the Manchester club circuit performing at 'We Can Do What We Want Forever' music festival in November. Their performance was seen and reviewed by Calum McSwiggan of MFRS describing the three-piece as "Brilliant, riveting," and labelled them one of the highlights of the festival.

In autumn 2011 the band were filmed for comedian Jack Whitehall's Channel 4 show "Hit the Road Jack" in which they performed their lead single "Slam the Door". This track was released as the A-side of Le Debut, the band's two-track debut single on Monkey Junk Records on 19th February 2012.

Photo credit: Mike Gatiss

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