Steelspring - Better Living review

SteelspringWilliam Nash is Steelspring and Better Living is an eight-track album spilling over with emotion and character that comes from the tip of his toes. Nash offers those that enjoy bands like REM, Chris Issak, and Jeff Buckley, a joyous musical ride on the backcountry road of life.

I asked Nash for the musician's credits and he told me that he played all the instruments and added the drum programming and orchestration. I was beside myself because I thought otherwise. It is getting harder to distinguish between real instruments and programs these days, unless of course you are a professional musician with a trained ear to hear the difference immediately.

Although Steelspring's music is primarily rock and folk, aspects of country, blues, and Americana come seeping through the nooks and crannies. You will also hear some finely crafted guitar work featuring some incredibly good slide playing. Al Stewart came to mind more than once as this CD played but then as I enjoyed "Crickets," Nash's soft vocal style and sense of melody reminded me of Eddie Rabbitt.

When "All Through The Night" started on the first spin of this album I was not too sure about Nash's voice, I knew it was different, not your typical vocal style that you could ease right into quickly. As I took in all this music, I found that the musicianship was top notch. Collectively the entire scope of this work hit me on the third listen. I found myself captured by Nash's voice, the melodic sensibility of it all, and again, the striking musical content.

It is interesting how you start off with a CD then learn to love it once you give it a fair shot, however a certain element and quality must be present before you do give it that opportunity. All of that was there and more on this stand up group of songs. Better Living through good music - what a great idea!

1. All Through The Night (3:51)
2. We Can Rule The World (4:47)
3. Honeymoon (4:08)
4. Fleur Delis (5:27)
5. Crickets (3:41)
6. Hilinger And Thirst (3:52)
7. Just Friends (3:29)
8. Better Living (4:23)

Artist: Steelsrping
Title: Better Living
Genre: Alterative-Rock-Folk
Label: Independent
Steelspring Website
Steelspring on Myspace

Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck

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