California Transit Authority in store appearance at Borders Chicago

(Danny Seraphine - drums, Marc Bonilla - guitar, Peter Fish - keyboards, Mick Mahan - bass, Larry Braggs - lead vocals, Edward Harris Roth - keyboards)

WHAT: Ex-Chicago drummer Danny Seraphine makes his triumphant return to the music world with his new project, California Transit Authority. The band will be performing songs from their forthcoming album, FULL CIRCLE and signing autographs for fans at an in-store appearance celebrating the album's release on August 14 2007 (Street Sense Records).

This will be the only retail outlet for fans in Chicago to purchase the new album, either at the in-store or after the release date.

Aptly titled FULL CIRCLE, CTA's debut album brings Seraphine back to his roots after being unceremoniously ousted 17 years ago from Chicago, a band he helped found and define for 23 years.

Connections magazine raved: "Once in a great while, an album will be so irresistibly brilliant that you'll long to hear it repeatedly. FULL CIRCLE is such an album. CTA has created a delicious blend of fusion-infused, jazzed-up funk with a powerful edge that oozes a passion for deeply intricate arrangements. All around perfection!"

7:00 PM CT

WHERE: Borders Chicago
830 N. Michigan Ave.
Chicago, IL 60611

California Transit Authority Official Website

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One Response to California Transit Authority in store appearance at Borders Chicago

  1. April says:

    We went to this show. The musicians were incredible. Hauntingly beautiful and wonderful to be relative to the days of Terry Kath.

    Danny Seraphine at his best -Only better. Must hear and must see.

    He is one those main reasons why Chicago what it was and why they are not there now without his driving percussion.

    Lets hope a original line up tour will happen.

    They played CTA better than Chicago.

    Keep up the good work.

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