Ray LaMontagne's 'Gossip In The Grain' high in Billboard, Digital charts

Ray Lamontagne - Gossip In The Grain

Ray LaMontagne reached new sales highs this week with his much lauded album 'Gossip In The Grain' debuting at #3 on Billboard Charts selling 60,476 albums. LaMontagne's previous best came on the his last album 'Until The Sun Turns Black' with a #28 ranking and 28,000 copies sold this represents an increase of over 115%.

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The album was the best selling album digitally over the past week landing at #1, selling over 32,081 downloads 54% more than the #2 album by Kenny Chesney. Furthermore the album's first single "You Are The Best Thing" increased sales by almost 1,000% at iTunes.

Listen to "You Are The Best Thing" on YouTube:

LaMontagne is one of the most respected artists in music today, especially with fellow artists. John Mayer writing on his website only last week said that he "is as brilliant as any artist that has ever lived," Lucinda Williams recently compared him favorably to Otis Redding.

The press has also latched on to the new album with the Washington Post calling it, "brilliant." The Boston Globe noted that "LaMontagne's songs, have grown exponentially with each release." The New York Daily News in a 4 star review said, the payoff to listening to the album comes in "a sound so concentrated, listening will make you feel like your living right inside the song."

All reviews have remarked on a more upbeat attitude and a new looser even more soulful sound than previous releases. That sound is epitomized on the Stax inspired horn-led first single, "You Are The Best Thing," which is racing up the AAA radio charts and will soon hit that charts Top Ten. The song was also recently showcased on Late Show With Conan O'Brien when Ray appeared with Conan's horn section backing him up.

The Conan appearance occurred on an off day from a North American tour, which goes until mid-November. Spin on its website in rave review of a show at New York's Radio City Music Hall, "laughter, both by LaMontagne and the audience -- that was something new. His fresh style showcased both on his new album and in the performance Saturday, illustrated a near flawless transition from a front porch in Maine to the front of the most prestigious stage in the world."

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