honeyhoney DEBUT video for "Little Toy Gun" starring Kiefer Sutherland + MP3; interview


Introducing honeyhoney. They are an amazing live act and their debut video for "Little Toy Gun" has been released and is directed by and stars Kiefer Sutherland - which they are signed to his label, Iron Works.

Watch Little Toy Gun video (starring Kiefer Sutherland):

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Download "Slow Brains" MP3

Listen to the album sampler:

Our Bio
by: honeyhoney (aka Suzanne Santo and Ben Jaffe)

Hello. Rock band bios are interesting things. Much of the time they are a laundry list of approximate comparisons, a few quotes from reputable sources, and a quick update on the current activities of the band. Now, that may be cool and all, but honestly, when given the task of writing our own bio, we feel that a little different sauce is needed to cook this goose. Therefore, the bio will proceed as follows: We will pose ourselves a series of questions, which we will answer in the hope you will garner information you might actually give a shit about. If you are disappointed, please direct your concerns to our management.

1. What is your musical background?

Suzanne: I learned how to sing from musical theater, obsessing over Mariah Carey and Disney cartoon movie soundtracks that came out when I was a kid. I sang "Part Of Your World" as my fifth grade choir solo... I wore a fin. I also started playing the violin when I was ten and sucked pretty bad.

Ben: I also played violin when I was little. I sucked too but maybe all little kids suck. After violin I picked up the drums and started playing jazz for a while. Soon I realized that no one liked jazz except me, so I started playing guitar and writing songs. I am proud to say I've never worn a costume while performing.

2. Where are you from?

Suzanne: I'm from Strongsville Ohio.

Ben: I'm from New York and Massachusetts.

3. How did you meet each other and when?

Suzanne: Through a mutual friend known as "The Double".

Ben: Let me clarify. "The Double" is a recording engineer who I work with doing songwriting for other artists and TV shows. At the time Suzanne was acting and playing solo and Double took me to see her. I thought she was foxy and eventually we started writing together.

4. Why are you a good team?

Suzanne: I think we're a good team because of how much we both love the "job" of making tunes. It involves us working together to come up with the best ideas we can to make great records. It is so much freaking fun, and Ben is also a genie.

Ben: I think we're a good team because we both realize that the "team" aspect of the band is probably the most important. Also I'm hoping that Suzanne will introduce me to some of her hot friends.

5. How would you describe your music?

Suzanne: Freeky Deeky

Ben: Once again let me clarify. I think what we try is to be energetic and eclectic while still focusing on the lyrics. We also really like to be entertaining.

6. What/who are your influences?

Suzanne: Down-home bluegrass and jazz really take me somewhere and are very special to me, but I can honestly say that the biggest influences I've had were people who have come into my life and taught me about why music is such a gift and why I need to be where I am to fulfill it.

Ben: If I had a top five it would probably be (in no particular order): Randy Newman, Paul Simon, Brian Wilson, John Lennon, and Django Reinhardt. I also like comedians.

7. What are your goals for being the band?

Suzanne: (Suzanne emailed me an answer which I deemed unfit and offensive so I have omitted it.)

Ben: To make it a really good band.

8. What is the motivation behind your music/lyrics?

Ben and Suzanne (loudly, in unison): To tell a good story.

9. How/when do you write? Describe the honeyhoney songwriting process.

Suzanne and Ben: The honeyhoney songwriting process is as follows: Sometimes we write songs together, sometimes Ben writes songs on his own, and sometimes Suzanne writes songs on her own that she and Ben then work on together.

10. Do you currently have an album out? If so, tell us about it.

Suzanne: After a couple weeks in the studio we just finished up our first EP called Loose Boots. It's spicy, sensual, "slightly" provocative and plump with some good ol' fashioned jammin’.

Ben: We recorded the EP live with a band. We think it's pretty cool.

We hope this has been informative and useful, and if you buy/illegally download one EP this year, let it be ours.

Ben and Suzanne (honeyhoney)

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