Liz Worth - Treat Me Like Dirt: An Oral History of Punk Rock in Toronto & Beyond 1977-1981

Toronto Writer Liz Worth Sells Out First and Second Printing of New Book Treat Me Like Dirt: An Oral History of Punk Rock in Toronto and Beyond 1977-1981, Available Now From Bongo Beat Books

Treat Me Like Dirt by Liz Worth

Liz Worth's second book, Treat Me Like Dirt: An Oral History of Punk Rock in Toronto and Beyond 1977-1981 is now in its third pressing.

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Available from Montreal's Bongo Beat Books, the response to Worth's visceral collected interviews of the punk music scene in its earliest stages are really striking a chord with those involved and inspired by the community.

Treat Me Like Dirt... has found an audience with a younger crowd eager to discover a scene they don't really know about full of larger than life characters and anti-heroes who robbed by day and rocked by night. The true stories are so unbelievable that the book reads like a novel, though it's entirely non-fiction.

Treat Me Like Dirt... is a story assembled from individual personal stories that go beyond the usual "we played here, this famous person saw us there" and into sex, drugs, murder, conspiracy, booze, criminals, biker gangs, violence, art (yes, art), and includes one of the last interviews with the late Frankie Venom (singer of Teenage Head). Truly uncensored, this is the 1977 Toronto punk explosion at its finest as told by the bands and others who were there. Treat Me Like Dirt... captures the personalities that drove the original Toronto punk scene.

This is the first book to document histories of the Diodes, Viletones, and Teenage Head, along with other bands (B-Girls, Curse, Demics, Dishes, Forgotten Rebels, Johnny & The G-Rays, The Mods, The Poles, Simply Saucer, The Ugly, etc.) and fans that brought the punk scene to life in Toronto. Told in the voices of those who were there, this book is a punk rock road map, chalk full of chaos, betrayal, pain, disappointments, failure, success, and the pure rock n roll energy that frames this layered history of punk in Toronto and beyond.

National Post, Exclaim!, and are already buzzing about the book. F***ed Up's Damian Abraham mentioned it as "Last Great Book I Read" on Pitchfork.

Already having hosted a number of successful signings and in-store book events in Toronto and surrounding cities, Liz Worth will be at the upcoming Toronto Downtown Record Show on March 28th. She will be signing books at the Bongo Beat table around 2pm alongside special Treat Me Like Dirt... guests Mickey Skin, Anna Bourque, and Patzy Poison of the Curse!

More details on Toronto Downtown Record Show. More in-stores and book events to be announced soon on

Liz Worth

About Author Liz Worth

Liz Worth is a Toronto-based writer and the author of Treat Me Like Dirt: An Oral History of Punk in Toronto and Beyond (Bongo Beat, 2009) and Eleven: Eleven, which is surreal punk fiction about death and debauchery, available through TRAINWRECK PRESS. Treat Me Like Dirt... is her first non-fiction book. Her writing has also appeared in Toronto Star, Broken Pencil, Exclaim!, Eye Weekly, and tons more. Her influences are: old journal entries; chipped nail polish; torn stockings; Tears for Fears; south Etobicoke; walking along train tracks; bad television; premature wrinkles; OCD; Kurt Cobain; faux fur; impulses; Greyhound bus rides; suicide notes; smeared makeup; blackouts; 1995; paranoia; someone whose name will not be mentioned; messy notebooks; Daniel Jones; dense forest; raccoon tails; a dream about a deer; panic; Hamilton, Ontario; fading graffiti; losing time; acid wash jeans; cheap drinks; industrial neighbourhoods; autumn; riding bicycles; sad songs; sadder stories.

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