Cherie Lily releases debut - Werk The Remix EP

Workout Superwoman (and Andrew W.K.'s wife) Cherie Lily is ready to 'Werk' with debut release

Cherie Lily

Big Apple-based wonder woman, Cherie Lily, is thrilled to announce the release of her high-energy debut EP, available in the UK on October 11, 2010.

Cherie Lily

The EP, entitled Werk The Remix EP, consists of the upbeat title track, which was written, recorded, and produced by the lovely Lily, and six remixes by a host of DJs and artists like Princess Superstar, DJ Nita, and Sickboy.

When Cherie's not busy producing dance music and being a celebrity fitness trainer, she's designing her own apparel and sharing the stage with her rocker husband, Andrew W.K.

Cherie's ready to take the fitness and dance worlds by storm with her combination of high-impact house music and energetic pump-up anthems!

Watch video clip - "Keep It Flexed":

A real-life super hero, Cherie Lily is one of the only women in the fitness industry who makes her own dance music from scratch. By fusing uplifting dance music with fitness, lifestyle, and nightclub culture, Cherie's music and personality quickly made a mark in the downtown NYC music scene, as well as in New York's top health clubs.

She calls her personal genre, Houserobics, a one-of-a-kind blend of house music, fitness culture and empowering lyrics, which works just as well on dance floor as it does in the gym.

Cherie Lily's debut single off the new EP, 'Werk', has been getting love by some of NYC's hottest DJs, including ROXY COTTONTAIL, LARRY TEE, and RYAN McKNIGHT.

Prior to her solo career, Cherie Lily played in punky rock groups like CAVITY GIRL & THE DAGGERS, SPANK, and FlüRT before becoming a member of Andrew W.K.'s live band in 2006, where they met before getting married in 2008. Their wedding was held at Andrew's own Santos Party House, which is a music venue and club, in downtown Manhattan.

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