Tecnoctitlan release new single "Keep Calm and Carry on"

Say hello to Tecnoctitlan, pronounced TECH-NOC-TI-TLAN, but you can call them TNTT - set to unleash their electro-pop-rock single "Keep Calm and Carry on" on 4th October, 2010.


The Argentinean duo mix Milena's vocals and rocky guitar amid Ariel's laptop and keyboard to create an 80's electronica with rock chick flair sound that makes "Keep Calm and Carry on" so unique.

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Inspired by the trend for T-shirts bearing the World War 2 message to 'Keep Calm and Carry on' followed by 'Panic Now and Freak Out' the single traces the story of a boy playing his computer war games growing up to discover too late in the army, that war is not a game. Tecnoctitlan were also influenced by the Mayan calendar, which predicts the end of the world come 2012.

The video for "Keep Calm and Carry on" continues in this theme of war and video games, made by controversial artist Max Papeschi who, like Tecnoctitlan is not afraid to cause a stir.

Bloggers from around the World are starting to talk about TNTT and tastemaker blog EQ says, "Tecnoctitlan is what you would get if Barbie slapped on a scowl and a grungy guitar. Imagine Ken starting to experiment with hairspray, guyliner and Aztec accessories. The Eurythmics might even offer up a raised eyebrow. Oh yes, electro-rock fans - 80's androgyny has come full circle in the way of Tecnoctitlan - and it never has looked or felt more sexy".

"Keep Calm and Carry On" is released on October 4th.

Catch Tecnoctitlan live on 22nd August, 2010 at The Dublin Castle, Camden.

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