Rakafeed ft Richard Northen, Sally Herbert release debut album States

Master composer teams up with Plan B collaborator for debut release

Rakafeed video still

Rakafeed are primary arbiter Richard Northen in association with Plan B, Florence and the Machine and Massive Attack collaborator Sally Herbert and guitarist Elliot King.

Together they have created States, an album of ethereal, leftfield dance compositions; perhaps best described as a permutation of Zero 7, 90s Orbit and Gustav Mahler.

Rakafeed - States

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Rakafeed architect, Richard Northen is a master of composition. Already responsible for underground compositions for Slow Moving Mille (actress Amelia Warner) former Steve Lawler collaborator and Balearic producer Kevin Swain, and the award winning young director Ilaria D'Elia, whose next film he is scoring, he is delighted to be at the helm of Rakafeed's debut.

Featuring seven beautiful, autumn ready compositions, States is cinematic, electronic, complex yet accessible and influenced by classical music. Short-attention-span types will find it challenging, but others will be immersed in the luscious sounds and textures.

"The music is for late at night. It has a sense of expansiveness - it allows you to have random thoughts," says Northen.

Call it ambient or chill-out if you must - but you won't mistake it for just another ambient record.

Watch video teaser - "Colder":

Accompanying the album is a set of visual installations, one to represent a mood of each track. Lead piece "Colder" is a claustrophobic experience, which sees dance marvel Matthew Koon trapped underwater, leaving the viewer in wonderment and slight discomfort until the video’s final release. Already causing a YouTube tidal wave, the video will be available to purchase digitally, together with the album. More, created with the help of underground filmmaker Dan Price are available online and will be exhibited at upcoming London film festivals.

States is an introduction to Rakafeed, a musical project which Northen explains will expand into a mass-collective of producers, writers and artists; a Roc Nation for the art community if you will, a real portal for creativity.

"I like to be able to go wherever I want to," Northen concludes. States is the first step.

Debut album: States
Released: 6th September 2010

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