Steve Kopandy- Scripted

Steve Kopandy

Artist: Steve Kopandy
Title: Scripted
Format: CD EP
Genre: Pop-Rock
Label: Independent
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Steve Kopandy introduces his rock-pop genius with Scripted, a four song EP. This CD is a superb introduction that everyone should hear. While Kopandy has many influences, actually a long list is on his My Space site, he manages to create some clever pop rock and come out sounding like himself and original. Do not be surprised if you find yourself saying-“This guy sounds like someone I have heard before” but not be able to put your finger on it.

This happens to me frequently while listening to new music, particularly indie artists that have a ton of influences like Kopandy. This is a credit to his abilities as a singer/songwriter/musician. Being a triple threat is very common but what I find most uncommon is someone with those abilities that can actually impress me, a song crafter that creates a tune that lingers in my mind and soul long after I have heard it. Bravo Steve! You have that distinctive ability.

While I only heard 4 songs, which was a disappoint because I wanted more, I found myself convinced that this man has what it takes to make his way to the top of the pops if someone would give him the opportunity to walk through that elusive door. Scripted is a platform for an artist on the rise to give you a taste of what is to come. The one song that really grabbed me the most was the closer “My Sisters Wedding Song.” It is a shimmering pop diamond with passages like-“There must be a million fish in the sea but you are the only one fore me, there must be a million stars in the sky, which one was made for you and I?” This is a beautiful string of words by a true wordsmith.

I look forward to much more than an introduction the next time around from this promising artist. Down under there is something happening and his name is Steve Kopandy.

© Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck

1. Carry On (3:49)
2. Tidal Wave (3:16)
3. An Hour & A Heart (3:04)
4. My Sisters Wedding Song (3:01)


All songs and lyrics by Steve Kopandy with additional arrangements and ideas by Angie Graham and Daniel Peterson.
All vocals and acoustic guitars by Steve except acoustic guitars and BVs on Tidal Wave by David Carr and BV’s on Carry On and An Hour and a Heart by Angie Graham.
Bass, Rhodes and Electric guitar by David Carr
Drums on Tidal Wave and My Sisters Wedding song by Carolyn Oates
Drums on Carry On by David Carr

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