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Inward Eye bio by: Anders Erickson (drums) + MP3

Inward Eye

Age 0 - Winnipeg, Canada, the coldest major city in the world. I'm born in the dead of winter 1987. My birth completes the band lineup of Dave 4, and Kyle 2.

Age 5 - Because there's not much else to do when it's -40C, my brothers and I become obsessed with our Dad's old vinyls in the basement. The Rolling Stone's "Get Yer Ya Ya's Out" is our introduction to rock n' roll, followed by "Who's Next", "London Calling", and "Something Else" by The Kinks.

Age 8 - We discover a cassette of Green Day's "Dookie", and buy our first guitar! It's a cheap old Yamaha Spanish guitar. This crappy little orange instrument becomes a hot commodity in the house and we lose interest in anything else...we sell our Nintendo. With that guitar in our hands we begin writing our own songs, one of which was called "inward eye", the song is scrapped but the name sticks.

Age 9 - After saving up our money from clearing snow from driveways and mowing lawns all year we buy our first electric guitar, it's made in Korea so you know it is good. A Fender bass soon follows. Dave and Kyle, being older, manage to keep the guitars away from me so I'm forced to be the drummer. I beat on plastic kitchenware, pots and pans as we jam in our basement. Due to the amount of broken cookware and splintered wooden spoons in the house, our parents break down and buy me a drumset for Christmas!

Age 12 - We play our first show at our community center's winter carnival in February 1999. We play five 40-minute sets playing originals and classic rock covers. I can barely see over my drumset. They pass around a hat at the end of the night and we get a hundred bucks, we like being a band. We quit hockey.

Age 16 - We realize we've been playing in this band for most of our lives and we've only ever played with each member changes! The musical chemistry and genetic pre-disposition to like the same music makes our band special. As a 3-piece, there's nowhere to hide so we perfect our technique and learn to fill out our sound. We start gigging heavily in our hometown and build a local following. I become an expert at sneaking into clubs underage. I have especially fond memories of opening up for amateur strip nights at a Winnipeg Club called "the Zoo". The gigs get better from here...

Age 18 - By the time I get to my senior year in high school, they want to kick me out of school for always being away on tour. I manage to convince the school principal to allow me to study while on tour and I squeak by and graduate. Dave and Kyle are patient and wait for me to finish high school while holding down part-time jobs. We keep the band going by playing any and every show we can find. Two months after my final exam, we go into the studio.

Inward Eye

Age 19 - We write and demo songs for a year with our friend and mentor Arnold Lanni. We get to open for our musical idols the Who on their Canadian tour! We keep touring across North America and road-test our material.

Age 20 - In the fall of 2006 we set up home base in Temecula, California for the next year while making our record and touring wherever they'll take us. Now the album's finished and we're heading back out on the road!!

Download "You Know I Know" MP3 by Inward Eye

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  2. By Braiden Harvey on Mar 8, 2009 | Reply

    Great Winnipeg Band. All Business and great music.

    Braiden Harvey

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