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Mickey Hart (Grateful Dead) & physicist George F. Smoot - Rhythms of the Universe

Grateful Dead percussionist Mickey Hart and Nobel Prize-winning physicist George F. Smoot debut Hart's Rhythms of the Universe project in Mexico

Mickey Hart
Grateful Dead percussionist and Grammy Award winner Mickey Hart will bring his "Rhythms Of The Universe" presentation to Nobel Prize winning physicist George F. Smoot's upcoming conference, which is hosted by the Berkeley Center for Cosmological Physics and Instituto Avanzado de Cosmologia. Continue reading

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Drum Off 2009 winner Ramon Sampson - watch video

Guitar Center announces Drum Off 2009 Champion!

Drum Off winner Ramon Sampson

Drum Off 2009
Guitar Center announced Ramon Sampson as the winner of Guitar Center’s Drum-Off, the search for the nation's top undiscovered drummer. Continue reading

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Max Weinberg joins Drum-Off 2009 lineup + Tommy Lee, Danny Carey, Jay Weinberg

Max Weinberg to perform alongside his song Jay Weinberg at Guitar Center's Drum-Off Finals!

Drum-Off 2009
Guitar Center announced that Max Weinberg will join a star-studded list of drummers including his son, Jay Weinberg to perform in "Bezerk" - an exclusive project commissioned by Guitar Center and presented by Tommy Lee (Mötley Crüe) and the Street Drum Corps' Frank Zummo - as part of the upcoming Drum-Off Grand Finals, taking place January 8, 2010 at The Wiltern in Los Angeles. Continue reading

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Jerome Flood II - Guitar Center Drum-Off '08 Champion + watch video!

Jerome Flood II Drum Off Champion

On Wednesday, January 14, 2009, Guitar Center's Drum-Off '08 champion Jerome Flood II made his television debut with a performance on Last Call with Carson Daly.
This past Saturday the 22-year-old resident of Atlanta was crowned winner of Guitar Center's Drum-Off '08, the world's largest drum competition ... Continue reading

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Guitar Center Drum-Off '08 - World's Largest Drum Competition

Guitar Center Drum Off '08

Guitar Center announces launch of world's largest drum competition - Guitar Center Drum-Off '08 - celebrates 20th anniversary offering Grand Prize worth over $45,000 ... Continue reading

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Greig Stewart from Guillemots EXCLUSIVE interview (Red album)

Guillemots - Red

Guillemots (pictured: Aristazabal Hawkes, Fyfe Dangerfield, Greig Stewart and MC Lord Magrao) return with their second studio album, 'Red', released March 24, 2008. Read the interview! ... Continue reading

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Godsmack Good Times, Bad Times Greatest Hits, Sully Erna + watch video

Sully Erna from Godsmack - drawing by Milek

For years, I had heard of the band Godsmack, but never really knew much about them. A friend of mine here in England recently read Godsmack frontman/founder Sully Erna's autobiography, The Paths We Choose - and it was funny to find out that Sully comes from Massachusetts and now lives in New Hampshire - my old state... Continue reading

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Inward Eye bio by: Anders Erickson (drums) + MP3

Inward Eye

Age 0 - Winnipeg, Canada, the coldest major city in the world. I'm born in the dead of winter 1987. My birth completes the band lineup of Dave 4, and Kyle 2. Age 5 - Because there's not much else to do when it's -40C, my brothers and I become obsessed with our Dad's old vinyls in the basement. The Rolling Stone's "Get Yer Ya Ya's Out" is our introduction to rock n' roll ... Continue reading

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Enter Music Publishing's new Drum! Digital - interactive version of popular print magazine

Drum! Digital Magazine

Enter Music Publishing, publishers of worldwide, hip percussion magazines including DRUM! and TRAPS Magazines, today announced the launch of DRUM! Digital (drumdigital.com). DRUM! Digital is a free, online multimedia version of the magazine that is available to drummers internationally in an on-screen, flip-page format ... Continue reading

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Guillemots drummer Greig Stewart interview with BandWeblogs.com

Guillemots have made an impressive debut here in England since forming in 2004. Band members are Fyfe Dangerfield, Greig Stewart, MC Lord Magrao, and Aristazabal Hawkes and their first album, Through the Window Pane includes gems of songs like "Trains … Continue reading

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