Private - "My Secret Lover" - watch video

Private - "My Secret Lover" out January 17th


Private are an intoxicating proposition. A hi-octane blend of razor sharp pop hooks and finely tuned dancefloor production, shaken together with a handful of choice '80s pop references and a knowing wink, "My Secret Lover" is the perfect introduction to their world.

Private is the brainchild of international pop sophisticate Thomas Troelsen, a man with his fingers in a number of choice musical pies.

As a producer and writer he has worked with acts as varied as Junior Senior, Paradiso Girls, Stereo Total and the Raveonettes, whilst also creating hits for some of Japan's biggest pop acts.

Watch "My Secret Lover" video:

His Copenhagen studio Delta Lab is an audio / design fetishist's dream and artists such as Bloc Party have spent time in these sonically and aesthetically immaculate surroundings. For Private he is chief writer, lead vocalist and producer, the trio being completed by guitarist Asger Tarpgaard and vocalist/keyboardist Tanja Simonsen.

Already platinum-selling stars in their native Denmark, the word has been spreading across Europe and over the Atlantic as pop's early adopters have discovered the multitude of pleasures contained in the band's debut album 'My Secret Lover'.

The likes of Popjustice and Perez Hilton have been vocal supporters, and the hipsters' favourite producer Diplo has been featuring Private in his charts (and jumped at the chance to do a remix).

Now the UK gets its first taste of Private with the release of "My Secret Lover" on Relentless on 17th January, 2010.

With all the hallmarks of a pop smash, the radio version is accompanied by remixes from classic LA electro artist Egyptian Lover, new school dancefloor slayers Lifelike, Spencer & Hill and the aforementioned Diplo.

Plans are afoot to bring the Private live experience to the UK, but don't expect an act so immersed in the joys of decadence and glamorous indiscretion to be playing upstairs at The Dog and Duck any time soon.

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