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  • Private – “My Secret Lover” – watch video »

    Private – “My Secret Lover” out January 17th


    Private are an intoxicating proposition. A hi-octane blend of razor sharp pop hooks and finely tuned dancefloor production, shaken together with a handful of choice ’80s pop references and a knowing wink, “My Secret Lover” is the perfect introduction to their world.


    Sune Rose Wagner (The Raveonettes ) unveils solo album »

    Sune Rose Wagner

    As one half of The Raveonettes, Sune Rose Wagner has spent the past seven years offering up noir-ish gutter rock and fuzzed out pop with his bandmate Sharin Foo. This week, however, the Danish-bred songwriter takes his bow as a solo artist with his eponymous debut, ten tracks of vintage Specter-esque sounds and hazy rock n roll …


    The Asteroids Galaxy Tour release ‘Around the Bend’ + watch video, download MP3 »

    The Asteroids Galaxy Tour

    Formed less than a year ago, The Asteroids Galaxy Tour is heading for fame at a speed even they didn’t expect. The band, led by Lars Iversen and Mette Lindberg, has barely begun to share their music with anyone outside of their hometown of Copenhagen, and yet their first UK single, “The Sun Ain’t Shining No More”, is already tickling the ears of delighted radio programmers across the pond …


    Dead Smiling Pirates Debut »

    They’re dead pirates, but they are smiling…so what’s up with that? Ok what they really are is a rock-punk outfit from over the hills and far away, more specifically form Copenhagen Denmark. Dead Smiling Pirates are an authoritative trio consisting of Kim Burmeister (vocals/guitars), Erik Aaberg (drums), and Lasse Hansen (bass).
    On their self-titled debut, they [...]

    More music: Jenny May on MySpace

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