Tallulah Rendall - "Lay Me Down" on BBC 6 + watch video interview

Tallulah Rendall

Guest Blogger entry by Tallulah:

Hi hi...

So got some fantastic news... Lay Me Down is being playlisted on BBC 6 and has been receiving fantastic reviews all around the country and cyber land... YEYEYEY (see below).

It is pretty scary putting yourself out there for reviews and I am so pleased they have been good!!

Here is also a link to an interview and video of me singing Lay Me Down on Balcony TV (thank you to Lynn for inviting me along). Feel free to have a butchers and pass on!

Watch Tallulah Rendall video on Balcony TV:

For those of you wishing to purchase Lay Me Down, so you can pass the winter months with me in your pocket..please go to this link...

Tallulah Rendall on CD Baby

Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year and I look forward to a brilliant 2009 for one and all.

xxx Tallulah


Her voice is a slow-twitching honey n hickory whip caress.

Randall's hauntingly harmonic vocals ease effortlessly over her latest track "Lay me Down". Oozing with sheer style and sophistication, Rendall keeps us hooked on her every word right up until the final fluttering moments of this beautifully simplistic offering. A mystical and magical record that almost deserves to be appreciated rather than simply listened to.

Badger Magazine
Sounding distinctly akin to PJ Harvey, Tallulah Rendall has perfected her art amongst some of the capital's finest musicians - though it was not until recently when asked to perform at Shirley Bassey's 70th birthday party that she began to really blossom in the music scene. The charm of this London based beauty certainly cannot be dismissed if she is releasing silky singles like this. With her cool current of vocal tones, Tallulah lulls her listeners in and out of the divine, and I would definitely recommend checking out the as-yet-to-be-released album of this
wondrous songstress.

Contact Music
It was Excellent.

Pugwash Magazine
Theres a touch of Kate Bush in Tallulah Rendalls latest release, Lay Me Down. Her acoustic single is sinister, strangely soothing, yet awesomely addictive.

Subba Cultcha
Twinklingly pure femme fronted jazz waltz, melancholic but in a way that washes all over your filthy soul...

Tallulah Rendall on amazon.co.uk

Tallulah Rendall Official Website

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