Cocktail Slippers "St. Valentine's Day Massacre" video + FREE "In The City" MP3

Cocktail Slippers

Little Steven Van Zandt's Wicked Cool Records debuted the video for the Cocktail Slippers single "St. Valentine's Day Massacre" on the label’s website

Now, you can watch the video here on Band Weblogs:

Watch "St. Valentine's Day Massacre" video:

The song, written and produced by Steven Van Zandt, is the title track of the band's upcoming release - out April 28, 2009 in the U.S. (and April 27 in Europe).

The clip pays homage to the Chicago mobsters of the 20's with scenes shot in black & white, capturing the feel and mood of the time.

Watch Cocktail Slippers Diary - (St. Valentine's Day Massacre) video

The Cocktail Slippers loved playing the mobster roles so much they might give Silvio a run for his money. "Maybe we should start our own TV show -- The Soprano-ettes!" said Modesty Blaze.

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The video for "St. Valentine's Day Massacre" was filmed in the Cocktail Slippers' hometown of Oslo, Norway and features the band in dual roles as performers in a speakeasy and as the 'gangsters' who frequent the club.

"Dressing up as gangsters was a lot of fun," said Rocket Queen. "It was such a laugh looking at each other wearing the mobster suits. We really got into our roles, especially Modesty Blaze in the scene where she kicked over the table while we were playing cards, she's very convincing."

"St. Valentine's Day Massacre" was directed by Robert Hayman who had this to say about the video shoot, "I found the band to be extremely open, and creative. The melding of two very different cultures -- Scandinavia and American -- made for a very interesting mix. The girls were fearless and didn't flinch at shooting in frigid below zero weather wearing nothing more than tank tops!"

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