Junior Brat releases "Smell of Success" - watch video

Proclaimed fashionista, story teller and student, Junior Brat has officially arrived.

Junior Brat

With help from his cousin, an Olympic medal hopeful Jeffery Balogun, Junior Brat was able to successfully fund for his music videos and resources to enable him to follow his dreams as a successful artist.

Released on 27th August 2010 "Smell of Success" is set to explode into the ears of the UK music community with a whole host of irresistible hooks. He was always determined to have his name up in lights and with the imminent release of "Smell of Success" this has never resonated so true.

Junior Brat's music can be expressed as a fusion of fresh, melodic, armed with a powerful rhythm section and combined with all genres of music.

Watch "Smell of Success" video ft Ms Jaie:

He has been supported by a ray of Djs including Jez Welham "Great music, been following his music on MySpace for a while now". As a self confessed fashionista, Junior Brat has a great relationship and mingles with Fashion Mogul Rocky Mazilli, who created Junior Brat's unique and eclectic look.

Rocky Mazilli known for boutique store Voyage, has worked with the likes of Beyonce, Jonathan Ross, Peaches Geldof just to name a few.

Junior Brat not only gives his time to music, he also takes time to give back to the community. He is currently involved in a charity called 'Mad Mad' (Mums and Dads, making a difference). This is a charity that builds awareness of support and opportunities for families and to promote brighter futures for young people.

As Quoted by Junior Brat, "Giving is the basis of my existence, the basis of all success."

Now appearing on Flava TV, Channel Aka and supported by Kiss 100, the budding artist is now gearing himself up for the release of his debut single "Smell of Success" on iTunes. Released on August 27, 2010 "Smell of Success" is set to explode into the ears of the UK music community with a authentic sound, hard-knocking lyrics and a highly infectious anthemic chorus.

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