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Ben Godwin releases Skin and Bone this week


Ben Godwin - Skin and BoneBrooklyn songwriter Ben Godwin announces the release of his new record “Skin and Bone,” via KarmaFarm Records today. Skin and Bone is available for purchase everywhere online at stores such as iTunes, eMusic, Real, Rhapsody and Audio Lunchbox. To download the track, “Constantly Reminded”, for free, please visit To learn more about Ben and to hear sample tracks from “Skin and Bone,” please visit

London transplant Ben Godwin loves New York so much so that he moved to the city in 2005, after many successful years as a touring musician in the UK.

“There’s songs everywhere here, just waiting to be written. You can stand on any street corner, put out your hand, and grab ‘em out of the air,” says Ben.

That inspiration, along with his unique guitar stylings and influences toward Jeff Buckley and Tom Waits provides for Ben’s newest record, Skin and Bone, capturing a new sound and a new energy- raw, passionate, and hypnotic.

“Rockin’ roll and rollin’ rocks make for an interesting listen that’s so successful it sounds at once just barely removed from a dirty saloon and a fine upscale restaurant ballroom. It’s not often that one singer/songwriter can achieve such a myriad of influential sounds but Ben Godwin, a London musical native did just that. His sound is raw and lyrical, something that we all could learn a little something from. Golden!”

“Imagine Kurt Weill moving to New Orleans and working for 20 years in a nightclub before moving out to LA where a film producer asks him to write a musical about New York that gets rejected by the film industry but opens to wild crowds on Broadway. If you can imagine that, then you have a good picture of Ben’s music.”

For more information on Ben Godwin, upcoming shows and/ or to hear tracks from “Skin and Bone,” please visit

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