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Brainlove Records Presents Friends Of The Bride / Modernaire single + shows


Brainlove Records

The final double A side record in the Brainlove 7″ Club comes this March 17th, 2008 from two deceptively different bands that actually have a lot in common in their style and approach.

Friends Of The Bride fuse together swing and garage rock influences to create a suave, witty take on guitar music, while Manchester-based trio Modernaire use electronic beats and synths in their darkly comic, seductive pop.

Each band presents two previously unreleased songs, with specially commissioned photography by Vicki Churchill for the artwork and an original sleeve design by Polly Betton.

Join the 7″ Club and receive all five pieces of vinyl from Brainlove’s last year, including songs from Napoleon IIIrd, Pagan Wanderer Lu, Applicants, Open Mouths, Bishi, Anat Ben-David, Planningtorock, JIMC, Tim Ten Yen, Shimura Curves and of course Friends Of The Bride and Modernaire.

For more information, go to: Brainlove Seven Inch Club

The release party for the 7″ (as well as the Keyboard Choir album “Mizen Head To Gascanane Sound”, also on Brainlove this month) takes place March 4th at London’s legendary White Heat club; Modernaire will also play a Manchester release party in conjunction with Brainlove and Akoustik Anarkhy.

Live - 2008 Shows:

4th March: Brainlove vs White Heat @ Madame JoJo’s, Brewer Street, Soho, London Live: Friends Of The Bride / Keyboard Choir / Modernaire Djs: John Brainlove / Natasha Vorontsova / Matty & Olly

14th March: Brainlove vs Akoustik Anarkhy @ Piccadilly Gardens Hotel, Manchester Live: Modernaire / Cats In Paris / Special Guests Djs: Soft Priest / John Brainlove

AAAA Side Tracklist

Friends of the Bride: You Can’t Take Him Anywhere / Hey Buddy Modernaire: Faites Vos Jeux / Taste

- Released 17th March 2008 in selected independent records shops, via the internet, and digitally via iTunes and eMusic

Brainlove Records on Myspace

Friends of the Bride on Myspace

Modernaire on Myspace

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