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Brenda David - Better Part Of Me


Brenda DavidBrenda David’s music is like walking into a dimly lit upper class restaurant and reading a menu of choices. This is adult contemporary pop, rock, jazz, and all of the above mixed in to formulate a palette of color and sound that is satisfying and very relaxing. The lady has a nice approach, a smooth clear voice that assures you that what she is vocalizing means something. I know it sounds like a novelty in these times…there are actually some independent artists out there that make good music with lyrics you actually can understand and relate to. I find it rather refreshing.

“Call Your Name” and “I’ll Be the One” are country-pop tunes that I can hear playing on the radio and “Better Part of Me,” the lead off track with a jazz-pop feel to it, is one of the standouts. The artist gets some stellar musical support from a list of musicians that obviously have earned the respect they deserve in the industry, at least amongst those that know something about music and how to make it, namely Ms. David.

It’s like they say in business, every great manager is surrounded by a supporting cast that helps to propel that individual to success, and it works both ways, it’s a reciprocal relationship and that is what I hear going on consistently on Better Part of Me. The choice of tracks and the tempo set for each is perfect on this recording. I like the shifting moods of the lyrical content. I can appreciate the rock solid consistency this CD has, especially once it all boils down and you get to the meat and potatoes of each song. You hear everything you are supposed to all set to some music that pulls you in and makes you pay attention to the vocalist while following her muse right along with her-just like the pied piper.

I like this album because it feels real, sincere, with no additives that are bad for your health spiritually, in fact it has the opposite reaction, its all good and you walk away feeling like you should give it another spin. “Behind The Veil” makes a powerful statement about a woman behind the veil of her own prison walls living with the Taliban. This song comes out of nowhere and really snaps you to attention after the previous five tracks, which deal with the varying states of human emotions. It’s quite the segue that makes you rethink what this artist is all about. Again, it’s all good and worth pondering some more.

Artist: Brenda David
Title: Better Part Of Me
Genre: Pop-Rock-Jazz
Label: Cadillac Records
CD Baby Link

1. Better Part of Me (3:41)
2. Second Chance (3:54)
3. Call Your Name (2:45)
4. When I’m Gone (3:33)
5. Come in from the Rain (3:44)
6. Behind the Veil (3:32)
7. I’ll Be the One (4:00)
8. Restless Hearts (3:57)
9. Letters to Rebecca (4:22)


Brenda David: vocals
Richard Smith: bass, guitar, vocals
Kevin Banks: guitar, bass, sitar, mandolin, music arrangements
Mark Dennison: keyboard, drum tracks, guitar, vocals, engineer
Rebecca Zapen: violin
Camille Scoggins: backing vocals
Kelley Rees: backing vocals
Kenney Smith: keyboard
Adam Shapiro: keyboard Dennis Marion: trumpet Eric Herin: guitar, mixing & mastering engineer Mike Maple: drums Brian Greene: guitar, keyboard, engineer on I’ll Be the One Linda Minke: cello Lorna Greenwood: violin

© Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck

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