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The Polyphonic Spree set to release new single Running Away + watch video

Polyphonic SpreePreceding the release of The Polyphonic Spree’s third album, ‘The Fragile Army’, the Dallas based symphonic rock group is set to release the joyous single, “Running Away”, on 6th August 2007 (digital). Physical release of the single is scheduled for 13th August 2007 in the UK.

“Running Away” is about ‘the relationship bliss’. As The Polyphonic Spree’s main man, Tim DeLaughter, explains, “It’s the moment that hopefully everyone gets to experience every now and then…realising as a human race we’re quite lucky to embrace one another and get our fix on the big picture. It’s the feeling of running away with the wind in our face, we’re flying. We’re open wide.”

“Running Away” is accompanied by possibly the world’s first official ‘video-less video’. The video - directed by Hal Samples - features over 70,000 still photographs taken during a ten day tour. Polyphonic founder Julie Doyle said of the making of the video, “It was really a process of trial and error. We loved the concept from the start, and in the end we think we have an interesting video that we’re proud of.”

Along with the evolved sound comes an effected new look for The Polyphonic Spree. The group has folded their robes up nicely and put them away for now, becoming more “streamline for the future” in their unified military-style uniforms garnished with universal symbols for peace. “We’re gearing up for the evolution,” says DeLaughter.

Of the new album, ‘The Fragile Army’, (released on August 27th 2007 on UK label Gut Recordings), The Polyphonic Spree leaders/songwriters, Tim DeLaughter and Julie Doyle, said. “We have entered a new phase in our musical contribution. This recording was extremely challenging for us, trying to create a piece of art while weathering the storm of our collective relationship as humans in a political climate that’s choking us all. When we listen back it feels like a diary more than anything else. It’s painful and beautiful all at once, kinda like life. Welcome to ‘The Fragile Army’.”

Watch the Polyphonic Spree video for “Running Away”:

Polyphonic Spree - The Fragile Army (Bonus Dvd) on

“Running Away” Track listing:

1. Running Away (Radio Edit)
2. Running Away (Album Version)
3. The Fragile Army Mash Up (Without Voice Outro)
4. Video

7″ vinyl:

A: Running Away – Album Version
B: The Fragile Army Mash Up (With Voice Outro)

The Polyphonic Spree Official Website
The Polyphonic Spree on Myspace

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