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Parry Ray releases The Way I'm Wired + Slipknot cover - "Snuff"

The Way I'm Wired by Parry Ray heralds the arrival on the British Jazz scene of a special new talent.

Parry Ray

A beautiful, married mother of two, with a Masters degree in Physics, Parry Ray has been making real waves on the London Jazz scene for some time and with 'The Way I'm Wired' she is ready to emerge centre stage and gain mainstream recognition.

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Parry's Indian heritage makes her practically unique within the Jazz genre and her original compositions and bold interpretations executed with wisdom, emotion, beauty and absolute conviction mean she is unlikely to be one of the British Jazz scene's best kept secrets for much longer.

Fresh from building a considerable fan base for her music with performances at the Royal Albert Hall and unique internet viral videos where Parry plays a sexy femme fatale her new album exudes emotional honesty from every pore.

"Picture Perfect is about missing someone so much but knowing that you have destroyed what you had so spectacularly, that there is no way back, while Out of the Water is a song about craving someone that perhaps you shouldn't," explains Parry. "Angels Stroking Your Hair I wrote for and about my daughter and I've also chosen covers which are very personal to me."

Where Do You Start? Parry describes as a disarmingly beautiful standard, I Feel For You is Parry's tribute to Prince whom she admires greatly and Snuff by Slipknot reflects the broad spectrum of music that influences Parry even though Jazz and Blues are her first love.

"Ultimately, I will be drawn to a story, and the lyrics in the Slipknot song are amazingly powerful," says Parry.

Listen to Parry Ray - cover of Slipknot's "Snuff":

Parry Ray's blog entry about Slipknot cover

The Way I'm Wired is a powerful statement of intent from an artist beginning to gain the recognition her talent deserves and with more people than ever connecting with Parry Ray's powerfully emotive music expect to see sparks fly.

Single - "Out of the Water" released 12 July 2010
Album - 'The Way I'm Wired' released 12 July 2010

"Parry has a voice that is instantly alluring and attractive to the ear. The heartfelt sincerity with which she interprets classic melodies stands her out as an artist, tugging at the ear and heart simultaneously" - Gwilym Simcock, Parliamentary Jazz Awards 'Jazz Musician of the year'

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