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Hothouse Flowers Interviewed on KYOU Radio

I just listened to an excellent interview with Liam O'Maonlai & Fiachna O'Broainain from the Irish band Hothouse Flowers and Jon Russell over at KYOU radio.

The Hothouse Flowers have an interesting sound and hearing the diverse selections of songs that Jon played during the interview gave me more of an insight into their musical style. They also played live in the studio. Every now and then during certain songs I would think of Bob Dylan during his 'Jokerman' years also a bit of The Band. I highly recommend their latest album, "Into Your Heart" and if you can try to catch the interview go to the KYOU Radio website and watch the schedule for The Indie Pool: Hothouse Flowers.

I've always thought that if I was to throw a big party the one band that I would want there playing would be the Hothouse Flowers! It's strange because I never knew too much about them and was really excited to hear the interview.

KYOU is the first real radio station to go 'all podcast' with podcasts streaming live on their website as well as on 1550 AM in San Francisco. We're proud to say that you can occasionally tune in to hear the Band Weblogs Podcast Show there as well as an interview that we did with Jon where he played music by our band The Babylon Cowboys!

By: Jenny May

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