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Organic Entertainment Launches An In-House Booking Agency

Manhattan-based multi-tiered entertainment group, Organic Entertainment and Media announces the launch of their own in-house booking agency.

"As we continue to develop the label-side of our business, it is clear that this is a needed and valuable service that we could provide for our current and future client base," comments Organic President Margo Drgos.

The booking agency will be a joint venture between Organic Entertainment and Gwiz Booking and Promotion, also based in Manhattan. Gwiz Booking and Promotion brings twenty five plus years of experience in all facets of the industry to meet the burgeoning demands of Organic's label roster. The company will work with labels and acts that make music steeped in the Album Adult Alternative, Alt. Country, Americana and Rock genre formats.

"I'm very happy to be on board with Organic. With the staffing Organic provides, I will be able to focus solely on directive and recruitment, enabling me to revive Gwiz Booking, instead of getting bogged down in grunt work while booking a busy nightclub. I look forward to working with the artists we both recruit in the joint partnership," comments Gwiz Booking and Promotion founder, David Gwiazdowski.

David "Gwiz" Gwiazdowski is currently the head booker at Midway, a 150 capacity venue in the East Village of Manhattan. Gwiz joins Organic on a consultant basis to head the new booking wing of the company. Prior to Midway, Gwiz headed Gwiz Booking and Promotion, which handled tours for the Heroine Sheiks, Haley Bonar, Matt Keating and a dozen others, as well as handling radio promotions for Brian Jonestown Massacre, Ipecac Recording Artists Messer Chups and Tee Pee Recording Artist Drunk Horse. Gwiz co-founded Rubric Records as Operations Manager with Kenny Sehgal in 1999, and signed Gogol Bordello, Mary Lou Lord, The Bevis Frond and Cave Catt Sammy among a 60 title catalogue of obscure psychedelia, rockabilly, indie rock and roots rock before Rubric merged with Tee Pee Records in 2003.

Organic Entertainment is a boutique service firm, multi-tiered entertainment group and newly turned record label committed to the big picture growth of independent record labels and recording artists who compete for market share with major labels. With great understanding of the new market leverage of indies, Organic creates unique business models for artists that employ traditional grass roots methods complemented by distinctive communications strategies aimed at penetrating an oversaturated and competitive marketplace. For more information, please visit or

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