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Justin Sandercoe - from free guitar lessons on YouTube to debut album release

Rising star Justin Sandercoe is to release his debut album Small Town Eyes on 5 March 2010.

Justin Sandercoe - Small Town Eyes

Justin made a name for himself over the internet, when his free guitar lessons received more than 55 million hits on Youtube, teaching the world how to play guitar completely for free in these cash strapped times.

Having taught artists such as Katie Melua and Cathy Dennis to play guitar on tour (and even touring with Katie for 3 years), Justin certainly knows what he's talking about.

Now the spotlight has turned, and Justin is releasing his first album 'Small Town Eyes', which is a mixture of acoustic tunes and upbeat contemporary tracks, taking influence from Neil Young and Bob Dylan. Justin not only writes and sing his own tunes, but also plays the guitar, mandolin, bass guitar, harmonica, lap steel and percussion.

Watch "Page 99" video:

A limited edition of Small Town Eyes was released in December 2009 and included a DVD "The making of...", with only 2009 copies available and each one signed and numbered, it sold out in less than 3 weeks!

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Justin Sandercoe on

Justin Sandercoe on

Small Town Eyes
Release Date - March 5th 2010
Category - Acoustic/ Pop/ Folk Rock
Produced by - Caesar Gimeno Lavin
Artwork - Nick Delaney and Paul Agar

Track List

1. Forevergreen
2. Love & Levity
3. From Katie's Window
4. I Turn To Tell Her
5. Cutting Out
6. I Know?
7. Imperfect
8. Into The Blue
9. Pity The Rose
10. Page 99
11. Falling Next To You
12. Waste This
13. Broken

Justin Sandercoe Official Website
Justin Sandercoe - Guitar

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