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Tim Young's The Road stretches across the pond

Some weeks are better than other weeks. This is a great week for "The Road" which is a song off of Tim Young's independent release RED which is available at

It appears that a new model is developing and developing very fast. Where once AM and or FM radio were the vehicles to break new music now the Independent Podcasters are filling that vacuum pronto. Tim Young and his most recent record RED have been fortunate enough to appeal to a number of these 21st century DJ's.

Nic Threadwell is the proud daddy of his homegrownpodcast which is based in the UK. His is a very lively collection of artists from the UK and the USA and also includes spoken word and poetry; which is another trend happening big time in the current world of podcasts. Nic has chosen to feature "The Road" on his program this week which can be found at

Apparently there must have been some mysterious communication going on from the UK to the USA because this week on Mike Stephen's podcast, The Open Mike Cafe, Mike has also chosen to ride on "The Road" from RED. Mike produces his Open Mike Cafe once a week just like Nic and the Open Mike podcast can be found at Mike's show is more focused on acoustic based independent releases but he also enjoys mixing up a diverse bag of sounds and interviews and poetry.

Some roads may be long and winding but this 'road' from Tim Young chooses a more direct path. Straight down that road as far as the eye can see..."where the ending is never painted on a sign."

A week of great movement. Please support these podcasts by tuning in and enjoying the diversity of great independent music. This is all a brand new Road and it's going somewhere unforgettable.

Tim Young - The Cost

Tim Young Official Website

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