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We're A-OK with A-WK!

andrew WK

You know those days where everything's coming right, you're enjoying a happy evening after a great weekend, and then the perfect email pops into your inbox. Maybe it's from a pal you haven't heard from for a while who's got guestlist for a great gig/party, a girl you really like suggesting you get a little fruity that evening - or just maybe it's from the inspirational Andrew WK (I swear this is true) himself - telling you that your label name is great and asking to hear more about what you're up to.

Via BSM records, these are Andrew's exact words - presumably typed in a brief few seconds between partying ever so damn hard!

From: "Andrew W.K."
To: "Kevin Douch (founder of Big Scary Monsters Records - co founder of Alcopop!)"

Also, will you tell me more about Alcopop? I really like that name a lot. Is that another one of your label imprints?

Much love,

Mr WK - Alcopop Records salute you sir...

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