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Jon Foreman - Summer EP + "The Cure For Pain" in season finale of Grey's Anatomy!

Jon Foreman

Though he's just over 30, Jon Foreman's lyrics sound like words of wisdom from a man who has learned several lifetimes' worth of lessons. Although he has sold millions of albums and performed for countless sold out crowds with his band Switchfoot, Jon is a man still journeying towards self-discovery, unafraid of questioning anything in his path.

Through a series of seasonally themed solo EP's, Jon shows a whole new side to his artistry that falls outside the Switchfoot's aesthetic. "Because of the autobiographical nature of these songs, they became a self portrait that was far too personal for a band to release," Jon explains.

The latest installment, 'Summer', opens with "A Mirror is Harder to Hold," a track that wholly reflects this sentiment. This final installment might be his most personal yet musically varied of the 4 EP's. Jon wistfully sings about the struggles of examining one's self over sunny acoustic guitar strumming and the warm mariachi-esque horns that color several tracks on the album. "Again" is a slow-burning, contemplative ballad and one of Jon's most direct affirmations of his existential beliefs. 'Summer' also includes "Resurrect Me," the most up-tempo tune of the series. The track has an east-meets-west flavor with its driving rock beat and sitar-like guitar lines.

Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer each serve as a chapter of Jon's stripped down, intimate, and direct vision. It is one that begins with a foray into death and decay, but eventually transform into reflections on growth and rebirth. All four discs were produced by Jon Foreman with Grammy-nominated Charlie Peacock serving as the executive producer.

In other exciting news "The Cure For Pain", from 'Fall', was used in the season finale of Grey's Anatomy. Additionally, "This Is Home" was written and recorded by Switchfoot for the highly anticipated Walt Disney Studios and Walden Media theatrical release, The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. The song will be heard in the body of the film, over the end title credits, and appears on the Original Walt Disney Records Soundtrack CD.

Jon Foreman's 'Summer' EP to be released digitally on June 10th, 2008; Spring + Summer 2-CD Set to be Released June 24th on Credential/EMI.

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