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Jex Thoth - new album + download “When The Raven Calls” MP3


Jex Thoth

Jex Thoth, a psychedelic hard rock band named after its enigmatic singer, has announced the release of its self-titled debut album courtesy of Swedish imprint I Hate Records.

Anyone looking for ’stoner rock’ or cookie cutter doom best look elsewhere - lord knows there are plenty of other options if that’s your sort of thing.

Download “When The Raven Calls” MP3

No, Jex Thoth is a bright shining phoenix rising from the drudgery of predictable metal. The transnational quintet features a bevy of skull-thwacking riffs and folk-tinged tones supporting Thoth’s gloriously soaring voice.

The band also includes the impeccable musicianship and creativity of former Wooden Wand leader James Jackson Toth (Grim Jim) on Bass and Guitar, backing the front woman who had previously lent her remarkable harmonies to his former group. Likewise, members Silas Paine (Guitars / Bouzouki / Flute), Zodiac (Keyboards / Studio Wizardry) and Johnny Dee (Drums, Percussion) gathered from fields afar, solidify the Jex Thoth totem pole.

Their powerful alchemic brand of doom metal has been praised by Decibel Magazine, which recently interviewed Jex for a full page feature on their new album.

Here’s an excerpt:

“We consider ourselves and alchemic doom band,” Thoth explains. “The chemistry was right. We’re not going to box ourselves in; we’ll keep exploring and see what happens.” In keeping with the general vibe, the band’s origins and inspirations are suitably unconventional… “I began writing songs for what I thought would be a long overdue solo album, but after years of doing free-form music, these songs began coming out more structured and I needed a band to carry it off. As far as inspirations go, along with the usual older psych and doom bands, I’m also very influenced by artists like Catherine Ribeiro, Slapp Happy and Bobb Trimble, whose song ['When the Raven Calls'] we cover on the album.”

SPIN Magazine recently took note of Jex Thoth’s tribute to the underground icon and included “When the Raven Calls” in their “Songs You Need To Download Now!” print and web sections.

As Jex bellows in the vociferous album opener “Nothing Left To Die,”: “You think you know me / but you won’t believe your eyes,” Jex Thoth is out to prove itself peerless when it comes to intrepid, bone-shaking rock and roll. Reverent while maintaining a defiantly original sound, Jex Thoth embraces all that is good about the past and shuttles it defiantly into the future.


“California’s retro-obsessed Jex Thoth are the latest in a long line of rock groups… reaching back into the spliff smoke-enshrouded late 60’s and early 70’s for inspiration. [Jex Thoth] have just dropped their self-titled full-length debut to widespread praise for its evocative invocations of yesteryear. Freaky, fuzzy, drenched in groaning organ and peppered with strangeness, it’s a tasty sonic stew that belies their tender years.” - Decibel Magazine

“Unlike many posers, however, this band lives up to its promise. The wonderfully Sabbath-ian vibes that pour forth on opening track “Nothing Left To Die” will have Doomheads in ecstasy, and Jex possesses an absolutely charming voice straight from the 70s. Janis Joplin herself, resurrected from the grave through some strange occult ritual and propped up against a microphone, could not make this album sound more rooted in that time.” - Metal Reviews

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