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  • John Cruz - watch “Missing You” video »

    John Cruz

    When I hear an artist that I like, I get this natural desire to want to tell people about them. That’s one of thee best things about Band Weblogs. It’s a great platform to do just that …


    Landon Pigg - “Falling In Love At A Coffee Shop” + video »

    Landon Pigg - Coffee Shop

    I’ve been enjoying Landon Pigg’s single, “Falling In Love At A Coffee Shop”. I’ve heard it a couple of times now on one of my favorite radio stations, MVY Radio out of Martha’s Vinyard …


    Sheryl Crow Shine Over Babylon review + watch video clip »

    Sheryl Crow - Shine Over Babylon

    Sheryl Crow never ceases to amaze me. I was just listening to MVY Radio online out of Martha’s Vineyard, and her latest single, “Shine Over Babylon” came on. The song is from her album ‘Detours’, which doesn’t come out until February 2008 …